Defamation of character or freedom of speech?

Courts have been indicating that the amount of cases in terms of defamation of character is on the rise. People feel that their rights are violated by another person and that the “victim” should be compensated for the violation to them as a person. However the constitution states that each person is entitled to express […]

Two of our ladies help won the Indoor Cricket Masters World Series!

Helen and Elmarie Conradie represented the South African under 35 Indoor Cricket Masters World Series woman’s team in England. The tournament took place in Birmingham, England from the 21 – 29 October 2016. The South African woman’s team qualified for the play-offs by beating Australia, New Zealand and England in the group phases. In the […]


Will my name appear in the newspaper? NO. An Administration Order is not a Sequestration. Only your creditors get notice of your application.   Will I have to sell all my furniture and motorcar? NO. An Administration Order is not a Sequestration. Only if you have a luxury TV, Hi-Fi or your car is a […]