Testimonials received from very satisfied clients

Dear Hannatjie van der Merwe Attorneys

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all the assistance and the professional manner in which you handled my debt review. I feel like I want to shout this story from the rooftops so please feel free to share this with whomever you see fit.

Up until the point where I started getting into financial trouble my life was perfect, I had a nice car, state of the art entertainment systems and I was always the one to willingly pay for everyone when having lunch at a fancy restaurant. The only problem was that all of this was done on credit. My monthly salary was not enough to cover all my monthly expenses so instead of turning things down a notch I instead decided to apply for more and more credit.

Needless to say this wasn`t the best idea but seeing as I could afford the repayments it was never an issue. Then in the middle of 2015 things turned for the worst. My sister, whom lived with me at that stage, was offered her dream job in Cape Town. Obviously she took the job and all of the sudden I was on my own, having to cope with the full rental amount and the additional expenses that were bestowed upon me due to the fact that I no longer had the luxury of having someone to help me carry the monthly burden.

As things worsened I just kept on applying for more and more credit instead of seeking professional help. I would pay my credit cards each month but use that money once again to fund other expenses such as groceries and fuel for the month.

I did this for a couple of months until I realized that it would be impossible to carry on like this forever. I sat down and started doing my budget. In order to just cover all my monthly expenses and pay the minimum monthly installments on my accounts I needed about R 8000 more per month.That is without a cent spending money left, just covering the basics. Looking for another job was not an option and I decided to contact Hannatjie van der Merwe attorneys for assistance. The first consultation was completely free of charge and they immediately made me feel at home. During this consultation the entire debt review process was explained to me and it quickly become clear that these people haven`t only been doing this since yesterday.

Once I had provided them with all my monthly living expenses and the details of all my credit providers they immediately strated the process. Exactly 8 working days after I approached them I received a call from one of their attorneys wanting me to come in to the office in order for them to explain the restructuring.

This part blew my mind the most. I had two credit cards, four personal loans, an overdraft, edgars account and a financed vehicle. Hannatjie van der merwe attorneys managed to get consent from all my credit providers to reduce the interest on all except my vehicle to 0%. My vehicle came down from the initial 13.5% interest to only 8.5%

Given the interest component that was reduced and the terms of my debt being extended I was finally in a position to start living my life again.

The best part about this whole experience is the fact that I am now in total control of my finances and that I actually keep a watchful eye on my spending.

I would definitely, wholeheartedly recommend Hannatjie van der Merwe attorneys to all my friends and colleagues without hesitation


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